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  1. Quantitative measurement of tissue stiffness
    • Shear Wave speed (m/s)
    • Young’s Modulus (kPa)
  2. 2D color coded visualization of tissue stiffness
  3. Image guidance with B-mode ultrasound images, allows for :-
    • Instant visual quality assessment of spatial stiffness, useful for detection and characterization of focal lesions
    • Better diagnostic interpretation with overlaying of shear wave stiffness images on the B-mode images
    • Optimal placement of Regions of Interest (ROI) for quantitative stiffness measures
    • Sampling within the ROI provides tissue stiffness measures at any location in the ROI, unlike conventional fibroscan which measures only the average stiffness within a ROI in a blind manner
  4. Assessment and comparison of the degree of fibrosis in the same site of the liver on follow up imaging using this technique, which was not possible earlier


Image (left) showing non-invasive quantification of liver stiffness within multiple regions in a single shear wave image and image (right) displaying the stiffness measurements recalled from the worksheet.

Image shows measured and colour coded tissue stiffness in a patient with stage F1 fibrosis (left) and a patient with cirrhosis, suffering from portal hypertension and hepatitis C (right)

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