128/64/16 Slice CT 128/64/16 Slice CT

128/64/16 Slice CT

Breakthrough technology and better results.

About 128/64/16 Slice CT

(Non-invasive CT Angiography)

Breakthrough technology and better results

Mahajan Imaging & Labs, was one of the first to introduce 16, 32, 64 and 128 Slice CT scanners. The advanced scanning technologies, combined with our CT specialists, are able to provide the highest level of accuracy for diagnosing all types of illnesses in the body. These equipment are capable of performing cutting-edge tests like Coronary Angiograms (Heart Scans), Pulmonary Angiograms, Brain Angiograms, True-match imaging, etc.

We were amongst the first to introduce multi-detector CT into the country and to perform non-invasive CT coronary angiography. Our group has multiple CT scanners, ranging from spiral to the highest end multi-detector CTs. The state-of-the-art 64 detector row (500) CTs provide ultra-fast volume imaging with the capability of a five-beat heart scan. Further, all routine CT scans are done using ultra-thin 0.625mm slices with volume acquisition and isometric reconstruction that can be obtained in any plane. 3D-CT examinations are routinely performed along with a virtual colonoscopy, virtual bronchoscopy, and whole-body scanning. Patients pay the same charges for routine CT scans as they would at any other facility that does not have these high-quality machines.

Non-invasive imaging technologies continue to revolutionize every subspecialty of medicine.

This scanner has a special x-ray tube and rotation speed, making it capable of performing very rapid scanning with 64 detector rows. As per the recent US-FDA documentation based on the image acquisition criteria, this can be called a 440 slice/second CT. It is used for performing non-invasive CT angiograms of the heart, brain, and other blood vessels of the body. The 64-channel configuration also provides breakthrough performance in advanced pulmonary imaging, multi-organ trauma evaluation, and low-dose paediatric applications to boost clinical capabilities to the highest level attainable.

16 Slice CT Scanner

Mahajan Imaging & Labs’s latest 16 Slice CT provides the benefits of high-resolution, low-dose scanning with increased integration and collaboration. It provides consistent image quality across a diverse patient population and a wide range of exam types, enabling healthcare organizations to increase their care capabilities to treat more patients.

This high-end CT enables us to do scans in one go of the neck, chest and abdomen. Also, we can do triple-phase studies of the abdomen with sub-millimetre scan thickness. This state-of-the-art CT machine is capable of doing high-resolution CT Angio of the abdomen down to the feet in one acquisition and at a lower contrast dose. Other applications include brain perfusion, lung nodule analysis, and vessel analysis, allowing you to care for a wide range of patients with ease and efficiency.

The contrast in an image is the most important part in differentiating between a lesion and a normal parenchyma or a normal structure. The latest technology embedded enhances the differentiation between a lesion and normal parenchyma, it helps identify lesions that are very iso-dense or iso-attenuating which would otherwise be difficult to differentiate from normal parenchyma. Multiple advanced applications on the console allow for post-processing without a stand-alone workstation.

  • Enhance diagnostic confidence with superb image quality
  • See more detail across a range of patient types
  • Provide exceptional image quality for even small patients
  • Streamline the workflow and reduce variability
Provide exceptional image quality for even small patients

The 70 kV scan mode – the first in a system of its kind – helps take patient care to a new level by offering low-dose scanning of smaller patients and allowing for protection of radiation-sensitive organs. This scan mode offers up to 20% lower-dose scanning than 80 kV.

Enhance diagnostic confidence with superb image quality

The award-winning technology found in our CT systems is one of the ways that CT is able to offer such excellent and exceptional image quality at low doses. It helps personalize image quality based on patient needs at a low dose and improves image quality through artefact prevention and increased spatial resolution at a low dose. It also allows for improved tube efficiency.

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