3T Digital MRI 3T Digital MRI

3T Digital MRI

Our latest generation 3.0T Digital MRI machines ensure fast and accurate MR imaging.

About 3T Digital MRI

This latest generation 3.0T Digital MRI machine ensures fast and accurate MR imaging. The specially designed ambient MRI room along with the latest Silent MRI technology which reduces sound levels, truly maximizes patient comfort! The standard applications portfolio contains imaging solutions that cover a wide variety of contrasts, 2D and 3D volumetric data, including motion correction capabilities.

Patient-centric MR Experience:

We have taken utmost care in all aspects to ensure a positive diagnostic imaging experience for every patient, be it adult or child.

Silent MRI- India’s 1st

One of the most common reasons why patients become uncomfortable and sometimes frightened during an MRI Scan is due to the NOISE it produces. Conventional 3.0T MRI scanners generate noise up to 120 dBA (like noise as loud as Thunder / race car/ drilling machine etc.). At Mahajan Imaging & Labs, the 3.0T MRI system is installed with a unique technology called ‘Silent MRI’, because of which only noise the patient hears is the room level noise. This means, absolutely no noise during scanning of certain anomalies and maximum patient comfort and a relaxed experience.

Wide Bore tunnel

Traditionally claustrophobic patients are very uncomfortable and anxious while entering the MR tunnel in a routine MRI machine. However, the 70-cm wide-bore (tunnel), with bright inner tunnel light and ventilation system in our 3.0T MRI ensures patient comfort and helps them overcome anxiety.

Audio-visual system to ease claustrophobic patients

Our machines are equipped with unique in-bore audio-visual features where claustrophobic patients can watch TV while their scan is going on.

Feet 1st imaging

In conventional MRI machines, patients are required to enter the MR tunnel with their head first often causing enormous discomfort to some patients. In our MRI Systems, the feet-first imaging for all body parts (including brain) can be performed i.e., the patient’s feet will enter the MR tunnel first, thus allowing an unrestricted view of the ambient surroundings and making them feel more comfortable.

Ambient Room

The power of sight can often be overpowering for a patient when they walk into a sterile MRI scan room for the first time and see a rather large MR system sitting inside. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the scan room environment to mimic the calm serenity of a natural landscape, ensuring patients are comfortable and relaxed while being scanned, a first of its kind in the world!

The True Power of 3.0T

The biggest challenge with the conventional 3.0T is dielectric shadowing artifacts (image distortion), obviating clinical images, and thus interfering in the accuracy of diagnosis, thereby defeating the purpose of having MRI systems with higher magnet strength. With the latest Multidrive RF Transmit technology, our DIGITAL 3.0T system automatically delivers uniform signal quality over a broad range of patient sizes, eliminating the previous challenges of conventional 3.0T MRI, ensuring consistently clear and distortion-free images.

The conventional 3.0T MRI systems acquire the patient data with coils and transmit them to an electronics room through copper cables. In our DIGITAL 3.0T MRI system, the signals are digitized in the machine room itself and then transmitted to the electronics room via Broadband Optical Fiber Cable technology, thus minimizing signal loss and improving the image quality for better diagnostic confidence.

Our technologically superior 3.0T machine overcomes tissue heating by automatically customizing and delivering the optimal magnetic waves as per the size and shape of the patient, through its personalized patient management system.

Our latest generation 3.0T offers clinical benefits across spectrum of medical specialties by using advanced applications in Neuro, Spine, Vascular, Abdomen, Whole-body, Breast, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal, Ortho etc. and have espoused the new horizons in diagnostic capabilities and have the potential of change in course of treatment.

48 Channel Head Coil – Neuro Imaging made simple and perfect

In order to provide most accurate & quality diagnosis related to neuro-radiological imaging (i.e., for Tumors, Stroke, Dementia, Infection, Aneurysms, Seizures, Cancer detection etc.), a high-end sophisticated machine with higher number of channels is needed. Our MRI system comes with a 48 Channel Head coil, one of the best coils available today globally. With this, neuro-radiological imaging has become simpler and shorter than never before, yet offering highest resolution brain imaging.

Now even the most advanced clinical exams like functional Imaging of Brain (fMRI – including the stimulus and response setup - visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, motor, cognitive etc.) can be performed at ease and with utmost accuracy to understand the brain function and differences in various disease states.

Other Advanced Clinical Applications

Functional Nerve Imaging

Functional Nerve Imaging is direct imaging of the nerves in the body to look for pain points / compression. This technique yields a detailed image of a nerve from the diffusion signal that arises from the nerve itself rather than from surrounding tissues or from fat in the nerve lining. This is especially useful for the evaluation of the brachial plexus, lumbosacral plexus, sciatic nerve and pudendal nerve amongst others.

Non-Contrast Renal & Limb Angiographies

A boon for patients with renal disease who cannot be given contrast agents, we have the capability to image all the major arteries and veins of the body without any injection. This is particularly useful in patients with peripheral artery disease, varicose veins etc.


Mavrik enables us to scan patients with metallic implants. Previously, MRI machines were not able to clearly view areas of the body (knees, hips etc.) with metal implants, but with MAVRIK sequences that is now possible!

Advanced Neuro Applications suite

Advanced Neuro Applications suite includes SWAN, 3D COSMIC, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Fibertrak, Brain Stat (AIF parametric maps), BrainWave Real Time, BrainWave Fusion etc., for clinically advanced neuro imaging and accurate assessments which were previously a huge challenge in MRI.


With this technique, both qualitative and quantitative information of the fat content in Liver can be obtained in a single breath hold. Liver fat content assessment is important for: Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD), surgical planning, donor evaluation, and nodule assessment.


Brain perfusion assessment is important for Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD), tumors, stroke/TIA, AVM etc. The DSC Perfusion is not always reproducible & provides relative perfusion only. Whole-brain, quantitative tissue perfusion, without contrast, is great for the patient and is much simpler than injecting contrast.

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