Open Standing MRI Open Standing MRI

Open Standing MRI

Weight Bearing MRI in an Open Environment.

About Open Standing MRI

Mahajan Imaging & Labs takes pride in being the first to introduce one of India's first Open Standing MRls, The G-Scan, from Esaote, Italy. It is a boon for claustrophobic patients, as now their scans can be done in an open environment, instead of the traditional closed MRI system.

The system consists of a tilting table that allows scanning to be performed in different body postures. It is a revolutionary platform for all musculoskeletal applications, as the scan can now be done with the affected spine and joints bearing weight. Imaging the spine in its natural, weight-bearing position has always been one of the targets and challenges of MRI development. There are significant bio-mechanical changes from the recumbent to the weight-bearing position, and several pathologies are affected by these mechanical changes. MR imaging of the spine in the natural standing position, therefore, is the most logical solution, and that is exactly what the Standing MRI provides. It comes with the Real-Time MR feature wherein using a fast acquisition sequence, the display on the gantry shows in real-time, the MR image of the joint, ensuring fast and accurate positioning. Once again, we introduce The G-Scan, adding weight to your diagnosis.

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