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Feeling well – the first step towards good health!

Mahajan Imaging’s latest centre in Gurugram has been set up with a vision of blending the best technology in the world, under guidance of some of India’s best doctors, with a calm and relaxing environment that takes you far away from the stress and anxiety of illness. Over the last 25 years, we have learnt that “feeling well” is the first step one can take towards a true healthier lifestyle.

Advanced 3.0 Tesla Wide-Bore MRI with an In-Bore Television System

The MRI at Mahajan Imaging, Gurugram is the Ingenia 3T Wide-Bore system from Philips, one of the most advanced MRI machines in the world today. Not only does it provide excellent image quality and latest imaging techniques, but it also comes with Philips’ unique in-bore audio-visual experience where patients can literally watch TV while their scan is going on. Additionally, continuing the trend of pushing the boundaries of what interiors are possible in an MRI room, the room is designed to give the feel of a garden! You have to see it to believe it!

New and advanced features of the MRI

  • ComforTone Imaging: MRI imaging with greatly reduced sound – 80% reduction, within the same time with no loss in image quality!
  • MR Neurography & Functional Nerve Imaging: Get both anatomical and functional information about nerves and nerve plexuses.
  • Black Blood Imaging: Helps differentiate vessel lumen from intra-luminal blood signal.
  • Focused Diffusion: Get extremely high-resolution focused diffusion images in prostate, brain and the spinal cord. FOV can go down to 200mm x 50mm.
  • 3D-ASL: Non-contrast brain perfusion imaging including automated calculation of colour coded ASL maps.
  • MR Cartilage Assessment: Provides an overview of relaxivity variation across the cartilage by providing the water content of cartilage. Useful for tracking treatment efficacy, extent of osteoarthritis etc.
  • Advanced Breast MRI with Dedicated Breast Coil: Provides a detailed view of breast anatomy and lesion analysis
  • Near-metal Soft Tissue & Bone Imaging: Scan areas around implants with minimal metal artefacts – useful for detecting post-implant infection, implant failure etc.
  • Advanced Cardiac MRI: Non-invasive assessment of myocardial tissue characteristics – T2*, R2*, T2 & R2 mapping
Full Field Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis & Stereotactic Biopsy

With a special emphasis on Women’s Health Imaging, Mahajan Imaging is proud to introduce Delhi-NCR’s first 50 micron Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) system with Tomosynthesis and Stereotactic Biopsy. FFDM is the current gold-standard in diagnosing breast cancer early, so as to ensure timely treatment and hence improve the outcome of treatment. It is recommended for all women above the age of 40 years. The machine provides a resolution of 50 microns, the highest currently available in the world. This patient-friendly machine automatically regulates the amount of X-Ray exposure depending on the type of the patient’s breast. The entire scan takes just around 15 seconds! In addition, the machine has a Stereotactic Biopsy attachment to conduct highly accurate biopsies and FNACs, and also to place guide-wires for surgical assistance.

Tomosynthesis: improving the accuracy of FFDM

Tomosynthesis gives 3 dimensional images of breast tissue and further improves the accuracy and sensitivity of the examination. The X-Ray tube moves through an arc while acquiring a series of low-dose X-Ray images that are reconstructed into a series of 3D images. It has now become the modality of choice, even for breast cancer screening.

Cone Beam Dental CT, Digital OPG & Cephalogram

Cone Beam Dentat CT (CBCT), the most advanced dental and maxillofacial imaging technology today, was first introduced into India by Mahajan Imaging in 2009. The system installed at Mahajan Imaging, Gurugram gives the best resolution available today of 0.09mm using a radiation dose that is upto 100 times less than conventional CT.

4-D Ultrasound & Colour Doppler

The Logiq E-9 at MI, Gurugram is one of the world’s most advanced ultrasound systems for both, routine and specialized radiology applications. It uses shear-wave elastography under direct vision to do Fibroscan and detect liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, without need for an invasive biopsy. It’s musculoskeletal probes can help in real-time visualisation of joints and their pathologies.

Non-invasive Cardiac Lab

The Epiq7 combined radiology-cardiology ultrasound system at MI, Gurgaon is also one of the most advanced ultrasound systems in the world. Not only is it a highly advanced cardiac imaging tool, but it is also capable of doing all radiology scans as well. Other facilities available at the cardiac lab include TMT, ECG, PFT, and Holter testing.

1000mA True Digital X-Ray System

The 1000mA True Digital X-Ray system at MI, Gurugram is one of the most advanced X-Ray systems available in the world today. The X-Ray system has two digital detectors enabling “one-click” imaging – you press a button and the X-Ray comes up on the screen! It also has auto-tracking technology to perform whole limb, whole spine and whole body X-Ray scans.

DEXA Bone Densitometer

A DEXA scan measures the density of a patient’s bones helping diagnose osteoporosis or evaluate its associated risk. It is recommended in all women above the age of 50 and in certain clinical conditions where patients become prone to fractures.