• 3T MRI

    Advanced 3.0T-32 Channel Digital MRI

  • 1.5T Volume MRI

    High-Definition Volume MRI

  • GSI Spectral CT Scanner

    Dual Energy GSI Spectral CT Scanner

  • Open Standing MRI

    The Open Standing MRI, The G-Scan

  • Cone Beam Dental CT (CBCT)

    Redefining maxillofacial & dental imaging

  • PET-CT

    Pioneers of PET-CT in India

  • 128/64 Slice CT

    Highly Advanced CT Scanning

  • 16 Slice CT

    16 Slice CT

  • Shear Wave Fibrosis Scan

    Fibrosis Scan for Liver

  • True Digital X-Ray DR System

    World's best X-Ray Scanners

  • Non Invasive CT-Angiography

    Extreme clarity

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound

    Highly Advanced Ultrasound Scanning

  • Colour Doppler

    Arterial & Venous Flow Analysis

  • Full Field mammography & 3D Breast Tomosynthesis

    Breast Cancer Screening

  • Bone Densitometry

    Protect Against Fractures

  • Intervention- Biopsies, FNAC, clip placement & Paracentesis

    Ultrasound and CT guided Procedures

  • Nuclear Medicine

    DTPA, DMSA, SPECT and MPI Scans

  • Non Invasive Cardiac Lab

    TMT, ECG & Holter

  • PFT

    Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Dental X-Ray– OPG & Cephalogram

    Dental X-Ray– OPG & Cephalogram

Early Diagnosis


The act or process of identifying or determining the nature and cause of a disease or injury through evaluation of patient history, examination, and review of laboratory data. The correct opinion is derived from such an evaluation.

With Mahajan Imaging your advantages are :

World class technology
Highly experienced specialists
Focused approach
Quick turnaround time
Efficient and trustworthy
Peaceful & non-clinical environment

3.0 Tesla Digital MRI
Open standing MRI
Cardiac CT Angiography
3D/4D Ultrasonography
Pulmonary Function Test
Nuclear Medicine
Routine Pathology

Dual Energy Spectral CT
Cone Beam Dental CT
Non-Invasive Cardiac Lab
True Digital X-ray DR System
DEXA Bone Densitometry
Low Radiation Lung CT

Trusted Continuous Wellness

Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, and responsibility imposed on us.

A person's health is vital to everyday job performance, to long-range career goals and above all, to one's quality of life. Senior management in any walk of life is critical to the needs of an organization and require special attention.

We are a team of dedicated healthcare professionals lead by Dr. Harsh Mahajan, MD, Founder & Chief Radiologist, with over 25 years dedicated to patient care, performing over 300,000 examinations annually. A trusted and respected organization credited with bringing latest technologies in the field of diagnostic medicine to all strata of society, we now make our foray into the field of preventive health through personalized, customized, individualized health checks.

This program has been developed in response to requests from several users of our services, doctors, health enthusiasts, business leaders and corporations; all of who recognize the importance of maintaining good health. Mahajan Imaging is one of the top diagnostic institutions in the country which is trusted by India's Presidents & Prime Ministers, doctors & their own families, top corporates and those needing second opinion.

“Attentive, caring staff, the best doctors, meticulous attention to detail and the patient as priority- I have always had complete faith in Mahajan Imaging to address and advise on any medical issue. Even as they have expanded over the years their focus on the patient has never wavered, inspiring trust and confidence at the times you need it most. “
Barkha Dutt, NDTV

Complete Evaluation

Complete Evaluation

We provide at one spot the widest bouquet and highest quality of diagnostic tests ranging from simple X-Rays to advanced PET CT in imaging and from routine hemoglobin assessment to complex genomics in pathology*. Highly skilled imaging specialists conduct your tests on the best and latest equipment.

Based on your initial assessment, our Preventive Health Physician will indicate the tests you must undergo out of our large bouquet. Our Preventive Health Physician will take time out to explain the significance of each of the test results to you.

We are unique as we will work very closely with your personal physicians, family doctors or specialists who already care for you so that test results do not just remain figures alone, but are used to prevent disease, avert serious ailments and provide you with the best quality of life. We also work closely with fitness trainers, physiotherapists and pain specialists to help them devise specific protocols and exercise regimes based on the test results.

We have designed special packages for:

Comprehensive Women's Health Assessment
Comprehensive Men's Health Assessment
Lung & Heart Health
Urological & Kidney Health
Stroke Risk Assessment
High Risk Cancer Screening
Prostate Cancer Screening
Diabetes Assessment
Osteoporosis, Spine & Joints Health Assessment
Dementia Assessment
Headache/Migraine Assessment
Post-menopausal Assessment


There never seem to be enough hours in a day to get work done. Health concerns, as a result, often fall to the end of one's to-do list. We assure you that we will ensure that your health checks are done in the shortest possible time so that you can get back to work quickly.


This includes arranging an efficient, yet comprehensive, schedule at a time of your choice


Anyone participating in this program receives registration forms and a health questionnaire in advance of the visit. Filling out these forms before the actual visit enables a better use of time at the clinic and allows the Preventive Health Physician to assess whether any special tests should be ordered.

In case, you do not have time to fill this pre-evaluation form before your visit, we will help you to do this when you come in for your health check appointment. The actual time taken for your checks will vary depending on the bouquet of tests that you undergo. But it's our promise to be the fastest, without compromising on completeness or accuracy. The time necessary to complete your evaluation may be extended if you require additional subspecialty tests.

“ We promise to tailor the examination specifically for your needs, making personalised medicine a reality. Once your test results are available we would be willing to discuss the reports with the physician of your choice so that you may continue to enjoy best quality of life for years to come...."

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, MD
Founder & Chief Radiologist
Padma Shri Awardee


A Dedicated Preventive Health Physician

We at Mahajan Imaging believe that no two individuals are alike and hence have decided to customize health checks which are targeted to your specific needs, keeping in view your personal and family history of wellness and disease, specific risk factors, habits, working environment and lifestyle.

The Preventive Health Physician who prescribes your tests will also review the test results and prepare a comprehensive summary, which would be given to you or upon request mailed to your home or your physician.

"The best patient outcomes start with world-class diagnostics: that special combination of latest imaging technology in the hands of knowledgeable Radiologists. To that end, GE Healthcare is committed to advancing the science and skills of Radiology in India. I'm confident our educational partnership with Mahajan Imaging will help advance the skills of Radiologists, ensuring patients get their best chance at a healthier life.”

John L Flannery
President & CEO
GE Healthcare

A Unique Experiance

Aesthetica And Functional

You will encounter massive volumes of advanced technology and dedicated specialists. However, unlike the anxiety raising atmosphere of a hospital, our services will not give you a feeling of worry. Though our 128 slice CT scanner is capable of performing high quality advanced scans with minimal radiation exposure, our CT scan room creates the illusion of marine world, with a mermaid and under water plant life in a soothing blue colour, which helps you to remain positive and relaxed.

Even though our centre is equipped with India's only 50 micron Low Dose Full Field Digital Mammography (to detect breast cancer) with special Computer Aided Detection technology, the world’s best Dual Energy Digital X-Ray with low radiation exposure, Cone Beam Dental CT (a dedicated CT scan for dental and facial imaging), 4D Ultrasounds and Bone Mineral Densitometry, it provides you privacy, comfort and personalized care all the way. Our centre also has a dedicated Non Invasive Cardiac lab with India's 1st 4D Echocardiography machine with 4D strain imaging, Treadmill Testing machine, Pulmonary Function Testing with Diffusion assessment, ECG & Holter monitoring, but imagine all this in a cheerful ambience spread over a manageable 10,000 sq. ft. in the heart of South Delhi at Defence colony.

We worry not only about your comfort but, we also address your claustrophobia (if you have it). So, amongst the many firsts that we have at Mahajan Imaging, we also have Asia's First 3.0 Tesla Silent Digital MRI system with a wide bore that eliminates claustrophobia. Our unique MRI suite resembles a spa resort with recessed lights, star lighting on the ceiling and a 33 feet long single canvas painting done by an Albanian artist depicting various stages of Hope, Healing & Genesis. This has resulted in enhanced comfort, reduced scan time and better diagnosis.

The Centre at Defence Colony designed by Ms. Ritu Mahajan, Co-founder & Executive Director-Mahajan Imaging, is crafted to make you feel that you are taking a brief break from your daily routine. The décor combines traditional elements of earth, water and heritage. However, we assure you that we have the latest & best technology available globally. There is space, solitude and there is no rush. In a smooth swift movement we will take you through all that you need, so that you exit with your test results in hand and a sense of confidence in your mind.